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March 10, 2020

A Combination of History, Nature and Culture: Marshyangdi Rural Municipality

Major Tourist Destinations of Marshyangdi Rural Municipality

Marshyangdi Rural Municipality
Marshyangdi Rural Municipality which abounds in tourism possibility is located in the Lamjung district, Gandaki Province in Nepal. This rural municipality which comprises seven past village development committees- Ghanpokhara, Khudi, Taghring, Ghermu, Bahundanda, Bhulbhule, and Simpani is a rare confluence of nature, culture, and history.

This rural municipality is the birthplace of gallant Sardar Bhakti Thapa, national poet Madhav Ghimire, famous poet Dilli Jung Gurung, and here lies the graveyard of famous intellectual Dr. Harka Gurung too.

Considered as a gateway to the Annapurna trekking trail, this rural municipality is replete with mesmerizing waterfalls, homestays with rare hospitality and beautiful gift of nature. Visitors arriving here can enjoy the beautiful glimpses of Manaslu, Lamjung, Himalchuli and Dr. Harka Peak.

This is not enough. Marshyangdi Rural Municipality is the confluence of rivers such as Marshyangdi, Khudi, and Ngandi. The festivities like Teej held at Bahundanda, the festival of Ekadashi at Khudi, Maghesankranti at Thulobeshi, Chaite Dasain at Bhirpustun, Bhadra Purnima at Baraha Pokhari and Shivratri fair at Simmalchaur are few of the cultural attractions to be observed.

Historically, this rural municipality has been a transit point for Tibet. To the eastern side of this rural municipality lies Dordi Rural Municipality and in the west lies Kholashothar Rural Municipality, in the south, lies Besisahar Rural Municipality and in the north lies Nasong Rural Municipality of Manang district.

Bhakti Thapa Park

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Sardar Bhakti Thapa who attained martyrdom during the war between Nepal and East India Company of England in 1815 was born in 1741 in this rural municipality ward no -3 that was located at Dhangaibesi. Bhakti Thapa had joined Nepal’s Gorkhali army of that time in the capacity of a Sardar after Lamjung kingdom was lost in the war against the Gorkha Kingdom.

Bhakti Thapa had attained martyrdom when he was deputed as commander of the Gorkhali army at Deugthal during the Nepal-Anglo war that broke out in 1815. In honor of his bravery, the British commander even after the death of Thapa had covered his body with a Dosalla (shawl).

In the memory of the same brave Sardar Bhakti Thapa, a park has been constructed at Dhagaibesi. Several other oral stories and memories related to Sardar Thapa are heard in this place. The special features of this park include the cowshed and the grazing meadows for cows used by Thapa.

Dr. Harka Gurung Memorial

Marshyandi Rural Municipality
Multi-talented, intellectual, Geographer and Planner Dr. Harka Gurung was born on February 5, 1939, at ward-7, Taranche of this rural municipality. Gurung who completed his Ph.D. in Geography from Scotland was one who introduced the concept of well-planned development in Nepal.

Dr. Gurung despite being born in the Gurung community did not join the service of mercenary soldiers but instead devoted and dedicated his life for the development of Nepal had died in a helicopter crash at Ghunsa of Taplejung in 2006. Dr. Gurung who was famous within the country and abroad equally was Assistant Minister for Tourism and was Vice-Chairperson of the National Planning Commission. A memorial to commemorate Dr. Gurung has been erected at Taranche according to his last wishes.

National Poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire Park

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

National poet Madhav Prasad Ghimire, who is the composer of a beautiful national song that goes as “Lagdacha Malai Ramailo Merai Pakha Pakhero (Meaning – I like my gorgeous villages and hills)………………..” was born in this rural municipality–6 on September 23, 1919.

Bahundanda park has been constructed here in his memory. This place is witness to pain and suffering that the national poet went through in his life. We can understand all about it after arriving at this park. Reading some of his well known written pieces of works here can inspire us.

Baraha Pokhari/Bara Pokhari (pond)

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Baraha Pokhari (pond) situated at 3100-meter altitude at ward no 7 of this rural municipality is important from a religious and tourism point of view. A special fair is held here on the occasion of Janai Purnima and Jestha Purnima. Worshiping God and offerings are done at the temple which lies in the premises of this lake. People believe that once you pray here you will get your wishes fulfilled. The dumb children rinsed in this pond water can speak is a general belief.

Talngyo Pokhari (pond)

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Talngyo Pokhari (pond) situated at ward no 1 of this rural municipality is another attractive destination. The pond found at an altitude of 2000 meters’ topography is beautiful to observe.

Kalika Temple

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Kalika temple situated at ward no. 6 of this rural municipality is important from a religious point of view. A huge fair is held here on the occasion of Chaite Dasain and Dasain, festival. It is believed that if you worship in this temple your wishes will be fulfilled.

Ghanpokhara Homestay

Marshyandi Rural Municipality
Photo: Ruman Shrestha

Ghanpokhara homestay which is located at the highest altitude in the Lamjung district is a fun place for organic food and reveling through dances and folksongs. Attractive glimpses of mountains, greenery, and natural scenic beauty can be seen from here.

Shiurung Homestay

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Shiurung homestay located at ward no 3 of this rural municipality can offer you delicious dishes along with various cultural programs while enjoying the beautiful glimpses of Manaslu mountain and Marshyangdi river simultaneously.

Tamang Homestay (Bhusme)

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Tamang homestay located at ward no 8 of this rural municipality is run by Tamang community.
Here, the visitors can enjoy the moments of mingling with natural scenic beauty and enjoying the delectable organic dishes while participating in the merrymaking of Tamang Selo songs and folk songs (Dhohari).

Bhalam Chaor Homestay

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Bhalam Chaor Community Homestay situated at ward no 9 of this rural municipality can offer you the delicious organic food. Visitors can observe the Gurung lifestyle and cultures along with enjoying the natural beauty and organic foods in this Gurung dominated village.

Rock Garden Homestay

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Rock garden homestay situated at ward no 5 of this rural municipality is made up of a garden full of all-natural rocks of various shapes. Just because of these rocks, the garden has been named Rock Garden Community Homestay. It takes nearly two hours to roam around this garden. The main attractions of this garden include Gurung culture, glimpses of mountains, local organic food and refreshment enjoyed while strolling around the garden.

Syange Waterfall

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Syange waterfall located at ward no 4 of this rural municipality is realistically mesmerizing. It is about five minutes’ distance from the highway that goes towards Manang. Of the two waterfalls found here, the upper one has a height of 110 meters and the lower one has a height of 90 meters.

Octopus waterfall

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Octopus waterfall located at ward no 4 Chyamche of this rural municipality is popular enough and hardly anyone can skip uploading its images on social media. The waterfall is called Octopus for the simple reason that it falls like the legs of an octopus. Visitors who have already visited this lake have said that being at this lake is like enjoying the aura of heaven.

Hamkhola waterfall

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Hamkhola waterfall located at ward no 8 of this rural municipality is endowed with beautiful natural beauty. Its importance has been heightened as its rural municipality office and roads are near each other.

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Chyamche waterfall

Chyamche waterfall located at ward no 5 of this rural municipality is all the more fascinating. The waterfall which can be seen across the road is very suitable for taking its photograph.

Ghanpokhara waterfall

Ghanpokhara waterfall located at ward no 2 of this rural municipality is another pleasing tourist destination in this region. Canyoning has a high possibility here.

Honey Hunting

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Honey hunting is well known around the world as one of the daring activity which is carried out at various places of this rural municipality. The tourists can book the spots at ward no 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7 in advance for honey hunting activities to be observed.

Harsing Danda

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Harsing Danda located at ward no 3 of this rural municipality. Harsing danda has a suitable attractive spot for visitors. It is said that legendary luminary Bir Bhakti Thapa had a cowshed here.

Jagat hot water spring

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Hot water Spring located at ward no 4 of this rural municipality is also an important spot for the tourists. People believe that if you take a bath in this hot spring, all your allergic skin diseases will be wiped away.

Bahundada hot water spring

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

This hot water spring is located at ward no 6 of this rural municipality. Hundreds of people come to take bath in this hot water, It believes that most of the skin diseases are cured while taking a bath in this hot water.

Tunnel Road

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Nepal’s first-ever tunnel road is located at ward no 8 of this rural municipality. This tunnel road was constructed by the Upper Marshyangdi A project. The total length of the tunnel road is 269 meters.

Dam Site

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

Dam site of Upper Marshayngdi Project A for hydropower project located at ward no 7 of this rural municipality is also significant for tourists.


Marshyandi Rural Municipality

The rural municipality has around 22 thousand population of various ethnic communities. So, diversity of cultures can be observed here. Various homestays here perform cultural dances such as Sorathi, Ghantu, Krishan Charitra, Balun, Jorimai, Jhyawre, Tamang Selo, Bhajan for tourists.

Marshyandi Rural Municipality

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