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March 10, 2020

Unique Pleasure of Barpak Trek

HB Kham

Barpak village

Relishing unique pleasures of trekking to Barpak village in Nepal would be something unimaginable journey that a visitor is likely to miss in a lifetime.

Barpak trek is a new village trekking journey to observe the village lifestyle in Nepal after the massive destruction of this village in the last earthquake of 2015.

Visitors’ minds may raise some questions about this village and its people who were worst hit by the earthquake. It is a fascinating village located on a hill station which is around 45 km far away from the Gorkha at an altitude of 1900 meters above sea level.

The village has around 1400 households with nearly 20,000 population of Ghale and Gurung.

According to historical anecdote, a Ghale king used to rule this Barpak region during the period of smaller principalities known as Baise and Chaubise kingdoms in Nepal (before the unification period started by late King Prithvi Narayan Shah of Shah dynasty in Nepal).

Barpak is also the birthplace of famous war veteran Ghaje Ghale of British India time who fought world war II at Burma war front on behalf of the British India Gurkha army and won the most prestigious British award known as Victoria Cross.

Most of the innocent community people of Barpak are agrarians and some of them annually join the British Gurkha army, Indian Gurkha Army, Nepal Army and go to gulf countries to seek jobs to fend for their families. The modern amenities such as paved roads, electricity, phone facilities, water facilities are available for the local people of this village.

The village which was damaged during the earthquake last time is now gradually regaining its normalcy after reconstruction is geared up through government as well as non-government organizations to rebuild destroyed houses here.

The village endowed with a sloppy majestic landscape, ethnic cultures, stone tile roof houses makes it a mesmerizing destination for visitors to stay here and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature and culture.

The locals believe that worshipping at Narad Pokhari- a well known Hindu pilgrimage site can fulfill the wishes of the people.

Trekking to this fascinating village through the rugged mountains, Dharkey danda, Narad Pokhari and overlooking of Darauti River could leave an indelible imprint upon your fragile mind.

the other hand, hiking up to Mumche hill, and enjoying the panoramic glimpses of Ganesh Himal, Sirigne Himal, Buddha Himal, Manaslu, and Himchuli are incredibly indispensable things to see and observe while trekking to this village.

Observing the Daraundi River descending from Gorkha Himal and Ghulung glacier in the Manaslu region is a pleasing sight for the eyes that ultimately make your short trek to Barpak gleefully a great success.

Hiking through the sloppy villages such as Arkhet, Soti Khola, Machhakhola, Gumda, Laprak and most amazingly Barpak would give you sufficient enthusiasm to observe not only the local lifestyle but an opportunity to immerse yourself in the beauty of nature. You can finish up this trek within 10 days. You may hire a jeep or any other buses to reach Barpak from Kathmandu.

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