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March 11, 2020

Climbers’ medical report mandatory to seek permits

Everest Base Camp

Kathmandu: Nepal government’s Department of Tourism has made it mandatory for mountain climbers to submit a medical report about their health while seeking permits to climb peaks.

The tourism department on Tuesday issued an 11-point notice specifying that expedition operators should make a thorough study of climbers’ expedition plans for at least 14 days.

The department notice also indicated that the team of the expedition should submit two copies of the list mentioning the type of gears and items being used during the expedition besides the inclusion of expedition itinerary in the application.

Adequate documents showing coverage of applicants’ insurance for the duration of the expedition should also be accompanied by the application for approval of expeditions said department notice.

The department also cleared on the subject of debriefing to specify what mode of transport will be used by the climbing teams and submission of expedition reports which should include details of successful or unsuccessful climbers which must be cleared during debriefing time.

The issuance of the climbing certificate will be done after the lapse of 15 days at the end of the climbing season, said the department notice.

The department also notified that liaison officers must take part in the debriefing sessions and submit detailed reports about the expedition agencies they are supposed to be attached to for the expedition.

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