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March 15, 2020

Govt operates 24 hours call center to cops up with COVID-19

Govt lab can test only 500 suspected COVID-19 cases in a week

Kathmandu: Nepal government has started operating a 24 hours call center since last Friday to respond to public calls related to Coronavirus pandemic.

Government authorities said that preparation has been completed and the call center has become operational since Friday to take up any public inquiries related to COVID-19.

According to the latest government reports on Coronavirus situation, a total of 447 persons suspected of Coronavirus were tested, of which 446 cases were found to be negative and 1 positive. However, the individual with a positive case has also recuperated and has been discharged from the hospital.

175 Nepali evacuated from Wuhan of China have also tested negative for COVID-19 and all 175 Nepalis have been sent home from the quarantine camps set up at Kharipati of Bhaktapur.

Most of the health agencies including private labs in Nepal are following the technique of Polymerase chain reaction or PCR to detect any virus’s genetic material which is a worldwide practice now. Usually, it takes two days to give the results of such tests. Government officials said that the Nepal government’s health lab can test only 500 individuals for suspected Coronavirus cases in a week.

The lethal epidemic Coronavirus known as COVID-19 which spread from mainland China has already claimed the lives of over 5000 people globally with maximum deaths in China only and around 134,800 people (in more than 120 countries) being infected around the world.

COVID-19 has insidiously affected tourism worldwide, including Nepal. Nepal continues to scramble for preventive measures with limited resources. According to Nepali authorities, six patients suspected of Coronavirus are in isolation wards in hospitals.

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