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March 17, 2020

NMA proposes for Everest cleaning campaign

Bed Gurung 

Kathmandu: Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) has proposed to the government of Nepal to clean up garbage from the Everest region when the climbing permits have been halted in this spring season.

NMA chairman Santa Bir Lama submitted the Everest cleaning campaign proposal to the government citing the rationality that this is the most appropriate time to engage in cleaning campaigns when Everest climbing is closed for the climbers due to global Coronavirrus pandemic.

“Every year we go for Everest cleaning campaign. This year too it would be easy to engage in cleaning garbage in the Everest region. When foreigners are present in the Everest region it causes somewhat disturbances. It will also give a good message to outsiders,” said NMA chair Lama.

Coronavirus pandemic has globally affected the tourism sector including Nepal’s tourism. Travel agencies and hotels are mostly affected by COVID-19 in Nepal. After the number of tourists totally dropped in Nepal, the tourism entrepreneurs have demanded the government to mull over rebate in tax in the wake of Coronavirus harming the tourism sector.

Santa Bir Lama (NMA chair)

Meanwhile, the government and Nepal Tourism Board has asked NMA to come up with a clear framework of the cleaning campaign to kick start the campaign.

The lethal epidemic Coronavirus known as COVID-19 which spread from mainland China has already claimed the lives of over 7,174 people globally with maximum deaths in China only and around 182,725 people (in more than 150 countries) being infected around the world.

COVID-19 has insidiously affected tourism worldwide, including Nepal. Nepal continues to scramble for preventive measures with limited resources. According to Nepali authorities, six patients suspected of Coronavirus are in isolation wards in hospitals.

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