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March 19, 2020

Nepalese get stranded abroad

Kathmandu: Nepalese living in Europe, South Korea, Japan, Gulf countries, Iran and Malaysia remain stranded and will not be able to return home after the Nepal government banned the arrival of passengers from these countries with effect from March 20 to April 12 which are mostly affected by COVID-19.

These Nepalese will not be able to return home even by making transits to other countries, the government authorities said Thursday. The Nepalese living in America and Australia can return home if they can make transits in Singapore and Thailand.

The lethal epidemic Coronavirus known as COVID-19 which spread from mainland China has already claimed the lives of over 7,989 people globally with maximum deaths in China only and around 198,712 people (in more than 160 countries) being infected around the world.

COVID-19 has insidiously affected tourism worldwide, including Nepal. Nepal continues to scramble for preventive measures with limited resources.

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