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March 28, 2020

Highest death rate in Italy and highest infection rate in US


Kathmandu: The entire world seems to be falling into the snares of deadly global Coronavirus as its most vulnerable prey with the highest death toll in Italy outnumbering 9,134 which is far more than the death toll estimated in China where COVID-19 broke out in December 2019.

Itlay has also a recorded higher number of infected persons from COVID-19 than China which is estimated to be above 86000 by now. China has 81,394 infected persons with 3295 death toll recorded due to Coronavirus.

As soon as the United Nations declared that COVID-19 could be very risky for the entire humanity and need to fight against it collectively, the number of infections due to COVID-19 in the United States has reached 104,256 which is the highest in the world with an estimated death of 17,04 people.

And surprisingly enough the main epicenter of COVID-19 centered in the mainland of China now is suddenly shifted to Europe with the highest deaths in Italy which are followed by Spain where more than 5000 people have died of this lethal epidemic by now and more than 65000 people are reported infected with this pathogen.

France has the third-highest rate of death tolls due to COVID-19 which is estimated to be 1995 with over 32000 people infected with the lethal disease.

Germany has seen the deaths of around 351 people while above 50,000 people are reportedly infected with this sinister virus. The United Kingdom has witnessed the deaths of about 759 people while 14,543 are infected with the sinister virus.

Netherland has 8603 people infected with positive cases and 546 deaths. Similarly, Austria has 7697 people infected with the virus while the death toll reached 58 by now. Australia has a recorded death of 14 and an infection in 3636 people.

Norway has seen infection in 3772 people and the death of 19 people. Canada has around 4757 positive cases of the virus while the death toll has reached 35. Sweden has a total of 3069 infected cases and the death toll of 105 people. Denmark has witnessed an infection of the virus in 2046 people with a death toll of 52 people.

In Asia, Iran is reported to have suffered most from COVID-19 infection with a death toll of 2378 people and a positive case seen in more than 32000 people. Iran is followed by South Korea where more than 94000 people are reported having been infected with this lethal virus while death toll has reached 144 by now.

India has around 100 cases of infection with this virus while 20 people have already died of this sinister disease. Pakistan has seen the deaths of 11 people and infection in over 1400 people. Bangladesh has positive cases of 48 people while 5 persons have died of this disease.

In Nepal, a total of five Coronavirus positive cases have come forward till Saturday of which one person has recovered from this disease and went home while four positive cases are being treated in the hospitals ( 2 cases in Teku based Sukraraj Shastri hospital in Kathmandu and one at Dhangadi based hospital). The fifth positive case is that of a 19-year-old girl from Baglung who had recently returned from Belgium via Qatar airlines.

The Maldives has 16 positive cases with no deaths reported so far. Similarly, Bhutan also has only three positive cases with no death so far. Malaysia has 2161 positive cases with 26 deaths due to this virus so far while Singapore has seen deaths of 2 persons with infection in 732 people. Myanmar has 8 positive virus cases to deal with so far.

Similarly, the sinister virus has infected more than 200 countries around the globe. Many of the infected countries have not reported any fatalities so far.  But nothing can be said about the fate of those countries at this juncture.

The global death toll is reported to have reached over 28000, with infection in more than 600000 people, though people around 132000 have recuperated from this epidemic.

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