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March 31, 2020

WHO: COVID-19 pandemic not yet over in Asia

Kathmandu: The COVID-19 pandemic is not yet over in Asia and a large scale community transmission seems to be in store according to the World Health Organization (WHO) sources Tuesday.

WHO warned the countries in the Asia-Pacific-region to make all preparations against large-scale transmission of the deadly virus and not to remain content with the seemingly tapering off the cases as the lethal virus may come surging back.

The world has already witnessed the death of over 37000 people and deadly virus infection in more than 700000 people. Just over 10,00,00 people have recovered from this epidemic globally so far.

The epicenter of this lethal virus has shifted to Europe in recent days as the death toll in Italy exceeds that of China and the US infection rate due to this virus overtakes China.

In South Asia, India has witnessed over 20 deaths and Pakistan with over 15 deaths recorded and Bangladesh with at least 5 deaths due to this virus, while Nepal has recorded five confirmed positive cases of the COVID-19 of which one person has already recovered from this epidemic and went home.

Many suspected persons continue to get their samples of swabs tested amidst a nationwide lockdown to curb the deadly Coronavirus.

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