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April 1, 2020

Nepal Airline’s airbus flown to Australia with 264 passengers

Kathmandu: Nepal Airline’s wide-body airbus has flown to Australia, carrying nearly 264 Australian nationals Wednesday at around 5:30 p.m.

Officials at Nepal Airlines said this is the first time that Nepal’s wide-body airbus is operating its direct flight to the Australian town of Brisbane on Wednesday evening.

Australian embassy in Nepal chartered the national airbus to repatriate its stranded citizens in Nepal due to lockdown imposed in the country to curb the spread of deadly COVID-19.

Earlier, most of the foreigners stranded in Nepal after an extended lockdown period due to Coronavirus pandemic have departed to their respective countries via chartered aircraft.

The sudden outbreak of global Coronavirus in mainland China has caused the deaths of more than 42,000 people across the world and more than 800000 people are infected with this deadly virus. The invisible virus is viciously threatening the survival of entire humanity.

As of this day, Italy has reported the highest fatalities due to Virus which is more than 12,000 and Spain reported the second-highest fatalities which is above 8000 and the US reporting the third-highest death toll due to this invisible global enemy.

China, where the deadly Coronaviru surged up has reports of tapering off cases of this lethal virus with a death toll reported to be around 3300 and the country preparing to return to normalcy gradually.

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