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April 2, 2020

The US death toll soars to 1000 in a day and nearly 10,00,00 persons infected globally due to COVID-19

Kathmandu: The US death toll due to deadly COVID-19 has soared above 1000 in a day while nearly 10,00,00 people around the world are infected with the lethal virus according to the magazine US Today.

On Wednesday alone 1040 people have breathed their last in the US due to the sinister virus. With this, the total death toll in the US due to this invisible virus has reached 5,116 said the source.

According to data provided by John Hopkins University at least 93,50,00 people across the world are infected with Coronavirus of which 47,000 have died and 97700 people have returned home after recuperating from this epidemic.

By Thursday morning the number of people infected with this virus in the US is reported to be 215000.In China, the infected peoples’ number is 82,000 and in Italy, the infected people are 110,000.

Spain has reported 10,4000 infected people and Germany has 77000 infected people with this virus while France has reported 57000 people infected and Iran has 47000 infected people and UK has 29000 infected people due to Coronavirus.

India has around 2000 people infected with the virus while Nepal has 5 people infected from this virus.

Likewise, the death toll in Italy is reported to be the highest in the world which is 13155. Spain has reported the second-highest death toll due to Coronavirus which is 3087 and the US has the third-highest death toll which is 5116 and French death toll reaching 4032.

Similarly, in China at least 76400 people, in Spain 46000, in Germany 18300, in Italy 16800 and in Iran 14500 people infected with Coronavirus have returned home after recovery from this disease.

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