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April 3, 2020

Global death toll due to COVID-19 spikes to 52,983

Kathmandu: The total global death toll due to COVID-19 has reached 52,983 on Friday and the total people infected with this epidemic surged to 1,014,673 across the world.

Italy has the highest recorded death toll of 13915, while Spain has the second-highest death toll of 10,348 people and the US has the third-highest death toll of 5886 due to this deadly virus according to John Hopkins University.

Similarly, the death toll in France has gone up to 5,387, while in China the number of deaths is 3199. Iran has recorded 3160 deaths and UK has seen the deaths of 2921 people due to Coronavirus.

The COVID-19 infection rate is the highest in the US with its infected people number surging to 243,453 and the infected number of people in Italy reaching a level of 115,242 as of today.

Similarly, the infected number of people in Spain has gone up to 112,065, in Germany 84,794, in China 82,432, in France 59,929, in Iran 50,468 and in UK 34,173.

In South Asia, India has a recorded death toll of 72, Pakistan 34, Bangladesh 6 and Srilanka 4 while in Nepal 6 people have Coronavirus positive cases and no fatalities.

A total of 210,263 people have recovered from this lethal disease globally with a recorded recovery of 76,565 in China, 26743 in Spain, 22,440 in Germany, 18,278 in Italy and 16711 people in Iran by now.

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