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April 3, 2020

Japan imposes travel ban on 70 countries

Tokyo (Agency): In a move to curb the spread of Coronavirus, Japan has imposed a travel ban on 70 countries including the United States of America, the UK, and China.

The travel ban restrictions apply even to the citizens who had visited Japan within the last 14 days, although it has not been specified as to how long the ban will last.

Japan decided to impose this travel ban on the foreign travelers in the aftermath of postponement of the Summer Tokyo Olympics following the rapid spread of the deadly Coronavirus globally.
According to John Hopkins University, 2617 people in Japan are infected with Coronavirus and 63 have died from this disease.
Japan’s government is taking strict precautionary measures to curb Coronavirus as the number of elderly citizens is more there and they are more susceptible to the deadly virus.
The death and infection rate due to Coronavirus in Japan is less as compared to Europe and the US while South Korea is taking all possible measures to curb this invisible deadly epidemic.

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