• Rajaram Karki

Kathmandu: As the government imposed nationwide lockdown to prevent the rapid spread of the COVID-19 epidemic globally, it is apparent that there is no alternative to comply with the lockdown directives in the country.

As we enter into 90 days of being in the grip of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Nepal has also recorded 6 positive cases of Coronavirus and it has not yet spread like an epidemic in Nepal.

One person who tested positive for the virus has also returned home after recovery from this disease. Since this disease is being spread from the Nepalese returning to Nepal from abroad, the government has urged them to remain under self-quarantine or report for isolation arrangement in the assigned hospitals to prevent rapid spread and infection to other fellow men.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has also declared a global health emergency. All Nepalese are under self-isolation after the government declared two week’s nationwide lockdown in the country to curb this deadly virus

According to police officer Bishwanth GC, anyone coming out of the house, indulging in alcoholic drinks, loitering on the road, disobeying the police personnel deputed on duty, playing carom board would be a sheer breach of the lockdown orders.

Doctors suggest that during the lockdown period, the people under self-isolation should eat vegetarian diets by eating fruits, vegetables, cereals, and soups as eating more nutritious meals may cause health disorders such as constipation.

Dr. Amish Karki of Sheer Memorial Hospital says that Coronavirus infection alone cannot cause death if one can eat meals that can increase the immunity system to resist this disease. He said that examples are galore about people having been infected with the deadly virus and gone home after recovery from it. So, harboring fear and panic is not suggested in case Coronavirus infects anyone.

Dietician Shusila Devi Sharma says that a vegetarian diet is very healthy during the self-isolation period as this diet has a more resistant capacity to fight against diseases. Such diet controls indigestion, cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, and even kidney malfunctioning.

Since the Coronavirus spreads through the respiratory system, it makes elderly people suffering from diabetes, heart disease, and kidney malfunction to become vulnerable to this virus. So taking a vegetarian diet would be very useful during this critical period to resist Coronavirus.

Eating lemon, orange, tomato, and soups during this time is also suggested by doctors as these fruits develop resistant power in body.

The Coronavirus outbreak was first seen in Wuhan province of China in the last week of December 2019 when doctors informed about this disease. On January 3, forty-four cases of Coronavirus surged up and since January 7 Chinese government set out to treat the patients suffering from this disease through isolation and immediate declaration of lockdown.

The Chinese people strictly complied with the lockdown orders of the government and let down this epidemic from spreading to other towns of the country. No new coronavirus has been seen in China now. Few infections of virus seen now is the imported infection coming from a foreign land.

When WHO declared a global health emergency on January 23, the world was cautioned against this epidemic. However, the virus infection rate is increasingly high in Italy and the US as the people did not fully comply with the government directives to isolate themselves from this disease in the initial phase.

Countries such as Japan, Thailand, South Korea where Coronavirus broke out initially after China has now a negligible number of positive cases. As of today, more than 59,000 people have died of this epidemic and more than 10,0000 people have tested positive for this deadly virus globally.

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