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April 5, 2020

64,703 die and 1,201,591 inflicted from COVID-19 globally

Kathmandu: The global COVID-19 terror and pandemic get further intensified as the global death toll due to this deadly virus soar to  64,701 on Sunday and the total confirmed cases surge to 1,201,591 around the world.

Italy has the highest recorded death toll of 15,362 people, while Spain has the second-highest death toll of 11,947 people and the US has the third-highest death toll of 8,452 due to this deadly virus according to John Hopkins University.

Similarly, the death toll in France spikes to 7,560 while in China the number of deaths is 3,207. The COVID-19 confirmed case is the highest in the US with its infected people number surging to 308,850 and the infected number of people in Italy reaching a level of 124,632 as of today.

Similarly, the infected number of people in Spain has gone up to 126,168 in China 82,543 in France 90,848.

In South Asia, India has a recorded death toll of 86, Pakistan 41, Bangladesh 8 while Nepal has confirmed cases of 9 people of which one person who tested positive for virus has recovered from it.

A total of 246,152 people globally have recovered from this lethal disease with a recorded recovery of 76,946 in China, 34219 in Spain, 20,996 in Italy.

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