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April 6, 2020

69,419 die and 1,273,794 positive cases of Coronavirus globally

Kathmandu: As the world battles against the sinister invisible enemy the global death toll due to Coronavirus soars to 69,419 and confirmed cases estimated to be 1,273,794.

Italy continues to report the highest recorded death toll of 15,887 people, while Spain has the second-highest death toll of 12,641 people and the US has the third-highest death toll of 9610 due to this deadly virus according to John Hopkins University.

Similarly, the death toll in France spikes to 8,078 while in China the number of deaths is 3,210. The COVID-19 confirmed case is the highest in the US with its infected people number surging to 337,274 and the infected number of people in Italy reaching a level of 128,948 as of today.

Similarly, the infected number of people in Spain has gone up to 131,646 in China 82,602  and in France 93,780. The UK has reported a death toll of 4,934 people and confirmed cases of 48,40.

Iran has confirmed cases of 58,226 and a death toll of 3,603 while Germany’s death toll reached 1584 and confirmed cases to 100,123.

In South Asia, India has a recorded death toll of 117, Pakistan 47, while Nepal has confirmed cases of 9 people of which one person who tested positive for virus has recovered from it.

A total of 260,193 people globally have recovered from this lethal disease with a recorded recovery of 82,602 in China, 38,080 in Spain, 21,815 in Italy.

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