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April 7, 2020

PM: Upcoming two weeks more challenging for the nation

Kathmandu: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the upcoming two weeks will be more challenging for the nation as further symptoms of Coronavirus may appear and there may be a high risk of Coronavirus being transmitted in the community during this period.

PM Oli said so while addressing the nation on Tuesday. The main highlights of PM Speech are:

  • Despite the limited number of COVID-19 to 9 in the country, we are still exposed to a high risk of being infected by the deadly virus.
  • We are compelled to extend the lockdown for 8 more days from now.
  • Nepal’s efforts to battle against Coronavirus considered being more effective as compared to developed nations as per the analysis.
  • Government regulating and monitoring issues related to the number of virus-infected persons, distribution of medicines and supply of foods for the unemployed.
  • Quarantine beds to accommodate 30566 persons across the nation, 9168 people already on quarantine, setting up isolation bed for 3259 and 95 people being treated for Coronavirus.
  • Swab tested for 1890 people, initiation of 10 virus test centers at seven provincial centers in the high-risk districts, 890 personal protective equipment (PPE), 1048 gown, 4345 masks being delivered.
  • Additional anxiety and concern generated due to the careless conduct of some of the foreign returnees who denied staying in self-quarantine in Nepal. All such persons urged to remain in self-isolation or come in contact with the health staff.
  • In India, 2147 Nepalese are in quarantine and in Nepal 700 Indians are in quarantine.
  • The next two weeks may be more challenging and frightening for us as this the period when more Coronavirus symptoms may appear and it may be transmitted to the community.
  • Medical personnel engaged in the first circle of treatment of virus-infected patients will get 100%, and those serving the patients in the second and third circle will receive 75% and 50% allowances which have already been declared. The supply of required equipment and insurance of Rs 25,00000 and the security of the staff have been managed by the government.
  • All security and management have been placed for security personnel, national staff, drivers, sanitation staff, medical staff and laborers who are actively engaged in battle against the deadly virus. So equal facilities have been arranged for all. Rs 1500 will be provided to the women health volunteers engaged in the campaign during this time.
  • Social distancing is the main weapon against this epidemic and lockdown is indispensable for social distance.

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