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April 8, 2020

Global COVID-19 death toll spikes to 81,865

Kathmandu: Global death toll due to COVID-19 surged to 81,865  and people infected with this deadly virus are reported to be 1,426,096 around the world of which 300,054 people have recuperated from this epidemic as of this day.

The entire world seems to be totally eclipsed as Italy continues to report the highest death toll of 17,127 people with 135,586 infected people.

Spain has the second-highest death toll of 14,045 people with 141,942 infected people and the US shows a third highest recorded death of 12,805 people with virus infection in 396223 people according to John Hopkins University.

France reported a death toll of 10,328 with infection in 110,065 people while China shows a death toll of 3331 and the infected number of people estimated to be 81,740 due to this COVID-19.

The UK has reported a death toll of 6,159 people and confirmed cases of 55,949, while, Iran has confirmed cases of 62,589 and a death toll of 3872 people.

Likewise, the deadly virus has caused the deaths of 2,016 people in Germany while 107,663 are infected with the virus. Belgium has recorded deaths of 2,035 people and the number of people infected soaring to 22,194.

Similarly, Netherland has witnessed the deaths of as many as 2101 people and infection in 19,580.

In South Asia, India has a recorded death toll of 150 and Pakistan reported a total death toll of 57 people. Bangladesh has a recorded death of 17 people while Srilanka has witnessed deaths of 6 people and Nepal has confirmed cases of 9 of which one person has already recovered from the epidemic.

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