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April 10, 2020

95,808 people succumbed to COVID-19 & 1,605,548 infected worldwide

Kathmandu: As the entire world battles against its invisible enemy, 95,808 people succumbed to COVID-19 & 1,605,548 got infected worldwide on Friday morning.

Although, 353,975 people have recuperated from this deadly virus, yet the situation continues to worsen around the world

According to John Hopkins Univerity, Italy has the highest death toll estimated at 18,279 followed by the US death toll which is estimated at 16,697 while Spain reported the third-highest death toll of  15,447 people by this day.

Total confirmed cases are reported to be the highest in the US with an estimated number of 461,437 followed by Spain estimated to be 153,222 and Italy’s confirmed cases as high as 143,626 due to this pathogen.

France reported a death toll of 12,210 with infection in 118,781 people while China shows a death toll of 3,215 and the infected number of people estimated to be 82,883.

Chinese mainland where this deadly virus broke out in the last December is gradually returning to normalcy as Wuhan city opens its lockdown.

The UK has reported a death toll of 7,978 people and confirmed cases of 65,872 while, Iran has confirmed cases of 66,220 and a death toll of 4,110 people.

Likewise, the deadly virus has caused the deaths of 2607 people in Germany while 118,181 are infected with the virus. Belgium has recorded deaths of 2,523 people and the number of people infected soaring to 24,983. Similarly, Netherland has witnessed the deaths of as many as 2396 people and infection in 21,903.

SAARC region has reported deaths of over 260 people due to this deadly virus as India witnessed a death toll of 226 and Pakistan reported a total death toll of 65 people.

Bangladesh has a recorded death of 20 people while Srilanka has witnessed deaths of 7 people. Nepal has 9 confirmed cases of which one person has already recovered from the epidemic, while the Maldives has 19 confirmed cases with no fatalities so far.

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