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April 11, 2020

Indications of lockdown likely to be extended

Lockdown will not end immediately: PM

Kathmandu: Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has said that the ongoing nationwide lockdown will not be ended immediately as long as the COVID-19 crisis in India does not return to normalcy.

PM Oli was addressing the distance video conference of seven provincial chief ministers on Saturday to discuss the effective measures to be taken to fight against the global Coronavirus pandemic.

According to PM Oli’s press advisor Surya Thapa, PM Oli told the chief ministers that the lockdown will not be ended immediately in the wake of the increasing fears of Virus spreading in India.

PM Oli indicated that the Nepal-India border will be further tightened to prevent the spread of the deadly virus. PM Oli also urged all to remain alert and abide by the lockdown measures to battle against the deadly virus.

PM Oli also said that the government has been cautiously implementing effective measures against the Coronavirus which is related to 15 days isolation.

PM Oli directed all administrative bodies  including police not to be reckless in preventing any public gatherings in defence of the general people.

PM Oli also stressed the need to maintain the social distance which is indispensable to curb the spread of the deadly contagion and not to be swayed by any fake rumors.

He also said that by the time the country succeeds to control the virus, the country will have progressed much in the production of human resources, development of laboratories, medical equipment.

All chief ministers of seven provinces during the 4 hours long video conference also kept the PM Oli abreast of the ongoing activities related to measures taken against COVID-19 in their respective provinces.

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