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April 11, 2020

Nepal airlines aircraft flying to China and Japan

Kathmandu: Nepal Airline’s two aircraft, wide-body A-330 are flying to Japan’s Nirita airport and China’s Guangzhou on Saturday night.

The government sources said these two aircraft are flying not for commerce, but for cargo and charter.

The aircraft flying to Guangzhou of China is said to be the cargo flight to fetch medical supplies while the other wide-body is being chartered by Japan to evacuate its 200 stranded citizens from  Nepal and repatriate them to Japan.

International flights remain suspended until April 30 after the nation-wide lockdown was clamped to contain the global COVID-19 pandemic in the country.

However, few international flights related to cargo and daily chartered one is being operated from the airport as many foreign countries continue to charter planes to repatriate their citizens from Nepal to their home countries.

According to Civil Aviation authorities, four international flights have been operated on Saturday alone. Just a few hours ago a British Titan airway took off from the airport with 242 British citizens on board.

Similarly, another South-Korean aircraft is also flying with Korean citizens on board. Korean plane is taking this flight for the second time.

At least 24 international flights have been operated since the lockdown was imposed in the country to curb the deadly virus. Qatar airlines has had maximum 9 flights, sources said.

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