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April 14, 2020

Coronavirus kills 119,766 people across the world

Kathmandu: Coronavirus has killed at least 119,766 people across the world and infected as many as 1,920,985 people while 443,786 people have recuperated from this contagion Tuesday.

The US reported 23,644 deaths- the highest in the world with 577,842 infected people on record according to John Hopkins University.

Effects of Contagion in Europe

Italy reported the second-highest deaths of 20,465 people and the Spain has the third-highest death estimated at 17,628, while France has recorded fourth highest death toll of 14,967 due to the virus.

Total confirmed cases reported in Spain is 169,628 followed by Italy estimated at 159,516 while France has active cases estimated at 137,875. The UK reported the death of 11,329 people and confirmed cases of 89,569.

Likewise, the deadly virus has caused the deaths of 3,118 people in Germany while 129,207 are infected with the virus. Belgium has recorded deaths of 3,903 people and the number of people infected soaring to 30,589. Similarly, Netherland has witnessed the deaths of as many as 2,823 people and infection in 26,710.


China shows a death toll of 3,221 and the infected number of people estimated to be 83,213. Chinese mainland where this deadly virus broke out in the last December is gradually returning to normalcy as Wuhan city opens its lockdown.

Japan reported 123 deaths, Russia 148, and South Korea 217 due to this pathogen, while, Iran has confirmed cases of 33,303 and a death toll of 4,585 people.

Similarly, Malaysia has reported 77 deaths while Philippines recorded 315 deaths and Indonesia recorded deaths of 399 people so far. Thailand has recorded deaths of 40 people while Singapore has reported the death of 9 people.

SAARC Region 

In the SAARC region India reported 358 deaths while Pakistan reported death toll of 93 people.

Bangladesh has reported over 39 people while Srilanka has witnessed deaths of 7 people. Nepal has 14 confirmed cases of which one person has already recovered from the epidemic.  Maldives has 20 positive cases and Butan reported 5 positive cases of which two persons have recovered from this disease.

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