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April 17, 2020

Pre-monsoon becomes active

Kathmandu: Some parts of the central and eastern regions and a few places of the western region are likely to see brief rain accompanied with lightning, gusty winds and hail with partly to generally cloudy throughout the country for the next few days, according to the Meteorological Forecasting Division.

Thundershowers accompanied with winds and hailstones are predicted in several places in the country including Kathmandu for the next couple of days due to impact of the Westerly wind entered into the country from the Bay of Bengal via the western region and pre-monsoon which has become active these days, said meteorologist Min Kumar Aryal.

Hilly regions including the Kathmandu valley are witnessing brief rain for the past few days. In the morning sky is generally cloudy with irregular sunshine and there is brief rain accompanied with lightning, wind and hail these days.

These are the features of pre-monsoon period which begins on March and ends in April, it is said. The latest Division updates put today’s minimum temperature in the Kathmandu Valley at 16.5 degree Celsius while the maximum temperature was 27 degree Celsius (RSS).

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