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April 17, 2020

Trump issues guidelines to ease lockdown gradually

Kathmandu: Amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and epicenter centered in the US, President Donald Trump in a bid to boost up the US economy has issued new guidelines to ease the lockdown in three phases.

According to BBC News on Friday, despite the US confirmed cases rising to 654,301 and death toll soaring over 32,000 and additional fatalities predicted by the experts, Trump on a regular press briefing on Thursday directed all the respective governors of states in the US to reopen the states in the upcoming months.

The Trump administration has issued the guidelines to the states to gradually reopen the lockdown with a view to ease the worsening situation of public health, peoples’ mental and physical problems, unemployment problem, heart disease and the problem of drug abuse.

During his press briefing at the White House, President Trump said, “America wants to be open and Americans want to be open. A national shutdown is not a sustainable long-term solution.” Trump, however,  stressed the need to maintain social distancing measures to keep away from the deadly virus.

“Reopening the US economy would be done. One careful step at a time ” said Trump. The 18-page guideline has details about three phases to reopen the state with each phase having a duration of at least 14 days.

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