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April 18, 2020

COVID-19 claims 154,291 lives across the world

Kathmandu: The global Coronavirus has claimed 154,291 lives and inflicted 2,240,191 people around the world, while 5,68,343 people have shown recovery from this disease on Saturday.

The US continues to top the list of countries facing the highest number of deaths and positive cases of the deadly virus with its death toll rising above 37,000 and infected cases surging to 699,706  according to John Hopkins University.


Italy reported the second-highest death of 22,745 people and Spain has the third-highest death estimated at 20,002 while France has recorded the fourth-highest death toll of 18,681 due to the contagion.

Spain reported the second-highest infected cases of the virus with its number rising to 190,839 followed by Italy estimated at 172,434 while France has active cases estimated at 149,130. The UK reported the death of 14,576 people and confirmed cases of 109,769.

Likewise, the deadly virus has caused the deaths of 4,352 people in Germany. Belgium has recorded deaths of 5,163 people and the number of people infected soaring to 36,138. Similarly, Netherland has witnessed the deaths of as many as 3,559 people and infection in 30,619.


China shows a death toll of 4,512 and the infected number of people estimated to be 83,760. Japan reported 190 deaths, Russia 273 and South Korea 230 due to this pathogen, while, Iran has confirmed cases of 79,494 and a death toll of 4,958 people.

Similarly, Malaysia has reported 86 deaths while Philippines recorded 387 deaths and Indonesia recorded deaths of 520 people so far. Thailand has recorded deaths of 47 people while Singapore has reported the death of 11 people.

SAARC Region 

In the SAARC region India reported 486 deaths while Pakistan reported death toll of 135 people. Bangladesh has reported 75 deaths while Srilanka has witnessed deaths of 7 people.

Nepal has 30 confirmed cases of which 2 person have already recovered from the epidemic.  Maldives has 29 positive cases and Butan reported 5 positive cases of which two persons have recovered from this disease.

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