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April 20, 2020

COVID-19 engulfs 165,044 people across the world

Kathmandu: Global COVID-19 as of Monday has engulfed 165,044 people and infected 2,401,379 people around the world while 623,903 people are reported to have recovered from this global epidemic so far.

The US reported over 40,000 deaths with epicenter in New York and recorded confirmed cases soaring to 755,533 according to John Hopkins University.


Italy reported 23,660 deaths followed by Spain’s death toll estimated at 20,453 while France has recorded 19,718 deaths due to the contagion. UK’s death toll mounted to 16,060, while Germany reported 4,586 deaths.

Belgium has 5,683 death toll and Netherland reported 3,684 deaths while Switzerland has 1393 deaths. Likewise, Portugal reported 714 deaths and Sweden has 1540 deaths while Austria has recorded 452 people due to the deadly contagion. Australia has seen deaths of 71 people so far.


In Asia, China has 4,512 deaths and Japan reported 236 deaths, Russia 361 and South Korea 234 due to this pathogen, while, Iran has death toll of 5,118 people.

Similarly, Malaysia has reported 89 deaths while Philippines recorded 409 deaths and Indonesia recorded deaths of 582 people so far. Thailand has recorded deaths of 47 people while Singapore has reported the death of 11 people.

SAARC Region 

In the SAARC region India reported 559 deaths while Pakistan reported death toll of 168 people. Bangladesh has reported 91 deaths while Srilanka has witnessed deaths of 7 people.

Nepal has 31 confirmed cases of which 4 persons have already recovered from the epidemic and now only 27 active case are prevailing.  Maldives has 29 positive cases of which 16 cases recovered. Bhutan reported 5 positive cases of which two persons have recovered.


In Africa, Algeria reported 375 deaths and South African reported a death toll of 54 people while Egypt reported  239 deaths.

Arab countries

Saudi Arabia reported a total of 97 deaths, Qatar-8 and Kuwait has 7 death toll while Barahain reported 7 deaths due to the COVID-19.

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