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May 6, 2020

World wide virus deaths surpasses 258,000 & UK’s death toll overtakes Italy

Kathmandu:World wide virus deaths surpasses 258,000 & over 71,000 die in US alone while 3.7 million are infected though 1.2 million have recovered from the deadly virus according to Johns Hopkins University.

Death tolls caused by COVID-19 have drastically shifted in the last two days as US continues to top the list of countries facing the highest recorded over 71,000 deaths followed by UK in the second place that reported 29,501 deaths that overtakes the Italy death toll of 29,315. Spain reported 25, 613 deaths and France 25,537 deaths due to the virus.

In Asia, China recorded 4,637 deaths, Japan 556, Russia 1,451 and South Korea 255, Malaysia reported 106 deaths, Philippines 637, Indonesia  872, and Singapore 18 deaths from COVID-19.

In the SAARC region;

  • India reported 1,693 deaths,Pakistan 514, Bangladesh 183 deaths, Afghanistan 95,
  • Srilanka recorded 9 deaths,Myanmar 6 deaths due to this lethal disease.
  • Nepal recorded 82 confirmed cases of deadly contagion of which 16 cases have been cured.
  • Maldives recorded 1 death and 541 positive cases of which 18 cases recovered,
  • and Bhutan reported 7 positive cases of which 5 persons have recovered.

In Africa, South Africa reported 148 deaths, and Egypt recorded 452 deaths, while Algeria recorded 470 deaths from  the deadly virus.

UAE reported 146 deaths, Qatar-12, and Kuwait 40, while Bahrain reported 8  and Saudi Arab 200 deaths due to the COVID-19.

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