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May 9, 2020

Global virus deaths surges to 274,422 and infects 3.9 million

Kathmandu:Global virus deaths has surged to 274,422 and 3.9 million are infected with the invisible deadly contagion while 1.3 million have recovered from the virus on Saturday according to Johns Hopkins University.

As the entire world scrambles against the invisible enemy European countries like Italy, Spain and France have slowed down their death rates while countries like UK, Russia and India have seen drastic climb in the virus infection rates and deaths. Russia has overtaken France and Germany in virus infection rates.

The summary of virus infection and deaths of major countries are given below:

US infected cases -1.2 million, deaths-77,126

UK infected cases -212,629, deaths-31,315

Italy infected cases -217,185, deaths-30,201

Spain infected cases -222,857, deaths-26,299

France infected cases -176,206, deaths-26,233

Russia infected cases- 187,859, deaths-1,723

Germany infected cases -170,588, deaths-7,510

Brazil infected cases-145,328, deaths -9,897

Turkey infected cases -135,569, deaths -3,689

Iran infected cases -104,691, deaths -6541

China infected cases -82,886, deaths -4,633

Canada infected cases -66,434, deaths -4,569

Belgium infected cases -52,011, deaths -8,521

Netherlands infected cases -42,093, deaths -5,359

India infected cases -59,693, deaths -1,985

Japan infected cases -15,575, deaths -590

Pakistan infected cases -26,435, deaths -599

Bangladesh infected cases- 13,134, deaths -206

Nepal infected cases -109 and recovery cases -30

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