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May 10, 2020

Global Coronavirus deaths spike to 280,000 & 4 million infected

Kathmandu: Global Coronavirus deaths has surged over 280,000 & 4 million infected while 1.4 millions have recovered from this deadly contagion as on Sunday according to Johns Hopkins University.

The summary of virus infection and deaths of major countries are:

US infected cases -1.3 million, deaths-78,795

UK infected cases -216,525, deaths-31,662

Italy infected cases -218,268, deaths-30,395

Spain infected cases -223,578, deaths-26,478

France infected cases -176,782, deaths-26,313

Russia infected cases- 198,676, deaths-1,827

Germany infected cases -170,588, deaths-7,549

Brazil infected cases-156,061, deaths -10,656

Turkey infected cases -137,115, deaths -3,739

Iran infected cases -106,220, deaths -6589

China infected cases -82,990, deaths -4,633

Canada infected cases -68,918, deaths -4,693

Belgium infected cases -52,596, deaths -8,581

Netherlands infected cases -42,581 deaths -5,429

India infected cases -62,808, deaths -2,101

Japan infected cases -15,663, deaths -607

Pakistan infected cases -28,736, deaths -636

Bangladesh infected cases- 13,770, deaths -214

Nepal infected cases -110 and recovery cases -31

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