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May 11, 2020

World wide Coronavirus deaths spiked over 283,000

Kathmandu:World wide Coronavirus deaths has surged to more than 283,000 and infected over 4 million while 1.4 millions have recovered from this deadly virus as on Monday according to Johns Hopkins University.

Despite  the Europe being the hot spot of COVID-19, UK plans to reopen its economy just as Trump administration recently announced to reopen its economy amidst many Americans being wary of the reopening plans.

The summary of virus infection and deaths of major countries are:

US infected cases -1.3 million, deaths-79,522

UK infected cases -220,449, deaths-31,930

Italy infected cases -219,070, deaths-30,560

Spain infected cases -224,350, deaths-26,621

France infected cases -177,094, deaths-26,383

Russia infected cases- 209,688, deaths-1,915

Germany infected cases -171,879, deaths-7,569

China infected cases -83,994, deaths -4,633

India infected cases -67,161, deaths -2,212

Japan infected cases -15,663, deaths -607

Pakistan infected cases -30,334, deaths -659

Bangladesh infected cases- 14,032, deaths -228

Nepal infected cases -110 and recovery cases -33

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