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May 14, 2020

Global Coronavirus attack toll rises to 296,690

Kathmandu:Global Coronavirus attack toll rose to 296,690 while US reported 84,059 deaths with Russia showing a recorded spark of the deadly virus as on Thursday.

As many as 4.4 million confirmed cases of the invisible virus emerged while 1.6 million people around the world have recuperated from the deadly contagion according to Johns Hopkins University.

The summary of virus infection and deaths of major countries are:

US infected cases -1.3 million, deaths-84,059

UK infected cases -230,985, deaths-33,263

Italy infected cases -222,104, deaths-31,106

Spain infected cases -228,691, deaths-27,104

France infected cases -178,184, deaths-27,077

Russia infected cases- 242,271 deaths-2,212

Germany infected cases -174,098 deaths-7,859

China infected cases -84,021, deaths -4,637

India infected cases -78,055, deaths -2,551

Japan infected cases -15,968, deaths -657

Pakistan infected cases -35,298, deaths -761

Bangladesh infected cases- 17,822, deaths -269

Nepal infected cases -243 and recovery cases -35

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