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May 16, 2020

World traumatized with 307,108 deaths & 4.5 million virus cases

Kathmandu: The entire world is traumatized with deaths of 307,108 people and 4.5 million virus cases according to Johns Hopkins University as on Saturday.

A ray of hope seems to glitter through the grim situation as 4.7 million virus infected people from around the globe continue to recover from the epidemic and European nation Slovenia becomes the first European country to declare the end of the epidemic.

US infected cases -1.4 million, deaths-87,493

UK infected cases -238,004, deaths-34,078

Italy infected cases -223,885, deaths-31,610

Spain infected cases -230,183, deaths-27,532

France infected cases -179,630, deaths-27,532

Russia infected cases- 262,843, deaths-2,305

China infected cases -84,031, deaths -4,637

India infected cases -85,784, deaths -2,753

Japan infected cases -16,263, deaths -713

Pakistan infected cases -37,218, deaths -803

Bangladesh infected cases- 20,065, deaths -298

Nepal infected cases -267 and recovery cases -36

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