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May 24, 2020

Brazil becomes epicenter of COVID-19 pandemic

Kathmandu: Brazil has become another epicenter of the Coronavirus pandemic following Russia and the world recorded a total death of over 340,000 people, infection of virus in over 5.2 million with a minimum recovery of 2.2 million people from the deadly contagion as on Sunday according to Johns Hopkins University.

The US and most of the European nations continue to re-open their economies after dwindling death rates  while India has also started reopening its railway services for the public since Thursday.

Nepal has witnessed sudden upsurge in the spike of the virus cases due to imported cases, so it continues to impose lock-down except easing some of the big projects and selective essential industrial areas to function during this lock-down period.

The latest updates on Coronavirus deaths:

The US reported 96,983 deaths, UK 36,757,

Italy 32,735, Spain 28,678, France 28,332,

Brazil 22,o13, Belgium 9,237, Germany 8,366,

Iran 7,359, China 4,634, India 3,868,

Russia 33,88, Canada 6,355, Saudi Arabia 379,

Pakistan 1,101, Japan 808, Bangladesh 452,

Austria 639, Portugal 1,302,  Singapore 23

Nepal 3

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