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June 2, 2020

World wide Coronavirus deaths soars to 374,452

Kathmandu: As of now the worldwide virus deaths has jumped to 374,452  and infected cases as many as 6.2 million with 2.8 million recoveries according to Johns Hopkins University.

Brazil continues to report the second highest infected cases followed by Russia and UK. The death toll in the US due to Covid-19 seems to exceed 28.2% of total death toll recorded from across the world.

India has overtaken France and Germany in infected cases of the deadly virus with over 198,000 active cases reported so far.

The latest updates on Coronavirus deaths:

The US reported 105,003 deaths, UK 39,127

Italy 33,475, Spain 27,127, France 28,836,

Brazil 29,937, Belgium 9,486, Germany 8,618,

Iran 7,878, China 4,634, India 5,608

Russia 4,855, Canada 7,325, Saudi Arabia 525,

Pakistan 1,543, Japan 891, Bangladesh 672,

Austria 668, Portugal 1,424, Singapore 24

Nepal 8

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