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June 3, 2020

Italy opening tourism for European nations

Rome: Italy has opened arrival and departure of tourists from European countries with effect from Wednesday.

Three months ago Italy had prohibited the advent of European and other country nationals due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Italy stepped up to boost up its tourism sector as soon as summer began. However, it will not be so easy and daring enough for the tourists to visit a country which was hard hit by the Coronavirus recently.

Since Europe itself is in the grip of the Coronavirus these days, it can be speculated that most of the travelers from Europe will be mentally tensed to venture for any trip to Italy under current circumstances.

By now Italy has already witnessed deaths over 33,000 due to the Covid-19 as it being the hot spot of infection from the deadly virus in the initially phase.

Italy had clamped lock-down since March to curb the spreading spree of the Coronavirus which consequently dwindled the rate of deaths and infection later on.

Italy’s tourism sector has suffered a grim situation after the second world war which needs to be revived by easing the lock-down as soon as possible.

Experts are of the opinion that Italy is making haste decision to ease the lock-down as dozens of people are still dying of the deadly virus infection these days.

Most the international flights to Italy will be confined to three major towns of Milan, Rom and Neples. However, people travelling by car, train and ship can reach anywhere.

Switzerland is opening its boarders with Germany, France and Austria from June 15  barring Italy and warned its citizens to take extra precautionary measures after returning from Italy.

Austria is also mulling over opening its boarders with Germany, Switzerland, Check Republic, Slovakea and Hungary by mid June.

Italy has been badly affected by Coronavirus as its tourism sector covers 13% of total Gross Domestic Product (GDP) growth. Lock-down has caused total closure of historical areas, restaurants, hotels and other tourist destinations.(RSS/AFP).


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