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June 6, 2020

Suklaphanta National Park’s outnumbered swamp deer

Kejender Prasad Paneru

Kanchanpur: Are you thinking of touring a new destination after lock-down is eased out? If you think so, Suklaphanta National Park could be your exact destination to see the increased number of swamp deer these days.

The swamp deer in this national park has outnumbered 2246 according to a report prepared on the occasion of World Environmental Day.The report shows that 26 additional swamp deer have increased in the last few years.

The census of the swamp deer as per the status report shows 404 adult male deer and 864 adult female deer, while there are 144 middle aged male deer and 554 middle aged female deer with 223 fawns.

There are 83 swamp deer whose gender has not been identified so far. Swamp deer are mammal animals found in India and Nepal only. In Nepal they are found in Bardiya National Park and Suklaphanta National Parks only.

So, any visitor can see the largest herd of swamp deer in the largest grass lands of Suklaphanta. This is the best destination to observe more than 700 species of animals besides other attractive flora and fauna. 46 mammals, 28 fish species, 423 bird species and 12 reptiles and amphibians can be seen here.

Many more species such as tigers, rhinos, crocodiles, wild elephants and migratory birds can also be observed in this spectacular park.

The park used to be a popular hunting place for the royal members of the Palace long before it was declared to be a national park and wildlife reserve.

It has not been explored fully. That is why researches and zoologists visit the park just as tourists do visit it.

The Suklaphanta park lies in province no.7 in Kanchanpur district. It covers an area of 305 square km. Some of the activities that can be conducted here are:

  • wildlife experience
  • bird watching
  • trekking
  • rafting
  • village tour experience
  • pilgrimage

The best time to visit Shuklaphanta National Park is from mid September to mid December and in February and May.

It is around 305 square km far from Kathmandu and takes around 22 hours to reach Shuklaphanta region from Kathmandu by bus or any other private vehicle. Daily flights are also available from Kathmandu to Dhangadi from where you can visit this park within few hours via reserved vehicles.

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