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June 7, 2020

India emerging as hot spot of Covid-19 with 246,622 active cases

Kathmandu:India seems to be emerging as the next hot spot of Covid-19 with 246,622 active cases thereby overtaking Spain, Italy, France and Germany in the spike of the virus cases as on Sunday.

The world continues to be in the grip of the invisible enemy with world wide deaths soaring to 398,211 and infected cases as many as 6.8 million with 3.4 million recoveries,  according to Johns Hopkins University.

The US has highest infected virus cases while Brazil has the second highest infected cases and Russia has the third highest infected cases of the virus. UK has the fourth highest infected cases while India reported fifth highest virus infected cases so far.

Nepal has reported an unprecedented spike in the number of Coronavirus cases in the last few days thereby surpassing the virus cases of Thailand, Srilanka and Maldives.

This is going to be grim situation for Nepal when government is gradually mulling over easing out the lock-down period by opening essential industries and shops after people started to breach the lock-down rules in the main capital city.

The latest updates on Coronavirus deaths:

The US reported 109,702 deaths, UK 40,548,

Italy 33,846, Spain 27,135, France 29,145,

Brazil 35,026, Belgium 9,80, Germany 8,679,

Iran 8,209, China 4,634, India 6,946,

Russia 5,725, Canada 7,773, Saudi Arabia 676,

Pakistan 1,935, Japan  914,Bangladesh 846

Nepal 13

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