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June 13, 2020

Monsoon arrives, call to remain alert

Kathmandu:This year’s monsoon has entered Nepal – delaying by two days (than of tentative time) to arrive in the country.

Monsoon this time made its entry from the eastern part in the evening of June 12 and its activities are likely to be accelerated ahead. Under this circumstance, the Meteorological Forecasting Division has called for being alert towards such possibility.

According to meteorologist Bibhuti Pokhrel, monsoon activities are predicted to be sped up ahead as monsoon is being escalated nationwide from tomorrow.

Bearing the untoward development in mind, the Division has urged all concerned to go for required preparations. The four-month period from June 10 to September is considered as monsoon in the South Asia. During monsoon,

Nepal receives around 80 percent rainfall of its annual rainfall. The average monsoon rainfall in Nepal is 1499.6 millimetres. Last year, monsoon had entered the country on June 20, ten days later than that of usual time and ended on October 12.

This time, monsoon is expected to bring average rain. As predicted by the South Asian Climate Outlook Forum, there will be average rainfall this time in the country.

According to meteorologists, average rainfall does not mean that it will trigger no incidences of natural disasters like flood and landslides. Lumle of Kaski receives the highest monsoon rainfall. Presently, there is partially to generally cloudy across the country.

Light to moderate rainfall accompanied by thunderstorm is likely to place at some parts of State-1, Bagmati, Gandaki, Karnali and Sudur Pashchim States and at one or two places of remaining States this afternoon.

As per the Division’s latest details, the Kathmandu Valley’s maximum temperature today was 21.5 degree Celsius followed by the 30.9 degree Celsius of maximum temperature. Today, Jumla recorded the lowest 15.6 degree Celsius temperature while Nepalgunj reported the highest 38.2 degree Celsius (rss).

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