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June 13, 2020

World wide Covid-19 deaths spike to 424,775 & Brazil sees second highest death toll

Kathmandu:World wide Covid-19 deaths spiked to 424,775 and a total confirmed virus cases as many as 8.2 million with 3.9 million recoveries from this deadly epidemic according to Johns Hopkins University on Saturday.

The US reported 114,613 deaths which tops the death toll, while Brazil reported the second highest death toll of 41,566 and UK recorded the third largest death toll of 41,566 from the deadly contagion.

Italy reported 34,223 deaths which is the fourth highest in the world while France recorded the fifth highest death toll of 29,377.

Spain has the sixth highest death toll of 27,136 people and Mexico has the seventh highest deaths spiking to 15,944.

The US has highest infected virus cases while Brazil has the second highest infected cases and Russia has the third highest infected cases of the virus. India has the fourth highest infected cases while UK reported fifth highest virus infected cases. Spain has the sixth highest infected cases in the world.

Nepal reported 16 deaths from Covid-19 so far with 4614 confirmed cases and recoveries as many as 674. Now there are 3690 active cases of the virus in Nepal.

India reported virus death toll as many as 8,498 and infected cases sparking to 297,535.

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