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June 18, 2020

Nepal witnesses 22 deaths, 671 new cases and total cases spike to 7848

Kathmandu: Nepal witnessed total deaths rising to 22, and 671 new cases detected with total Covid-19 cases spiking to 7848 according to the Ministry of Health and Population on  Thursday.

Virus cases as many as 671 is the highest recorded in a single day while yesterday only the new cases were recorded to be 586 and the previous day the spike in virus case was above 400 that surpassed the previous day record of around 300.

This sudden spark of Coronavirus cases in Nepal is certainly going to make Nepal a hot spot zone in few days.

A total of 1186 people have recovered from this lethal contagion. Of the total infected people 7,229 are males and 619 females.

Nepal’s 74 districts out of 77 districts have been affected by the Coronavirus as of this day.

Coronavirus cases have suddenly spiked in Nepal after government efforts failed to step up appropriate precautionary measures against this lethal virus.

Instead government agreed to open up the shops inside the Kathmandu valley and within the districts outside valley to enable the citizens to collect enough revenue to pay to the government in time, despite pre-warning from World Health Organization that such hasty actions to ease lock down will cause the higher risk for the country.

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