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June 20, 2020

World witnesses 459,437 deaths due to Covid-19

Kathmandu: The entire world in the grip of invisible virus witnessed 459,437 deaths while the US deaths spiked to 119,099 with New York alone reported a death tally of 31,015 according to Johns Hopkins University on Saturday.

India has overtaken UK, Italy, Spain and France in Covid-19 infected cases with its confirmed cases surging to as many as 380,283 and death toll reaching 12,573.

The total confirmed virus cases across the world rises to as many as 8.6 million with 4.6 million recoveries from this deadly epidemic.

The US continues to top the death toll, while Brazil reported the second highest death toll of 48,954 and UK recorded the third largest death toll of 42,546.

Italy reported 34,561 deaths which is the fourth highest in the world while France recorded the fifth highest death toll of 29,620 people.

Spain has the sixth highest death toll of 27,315 and Mexico has the seventh highest deaths spiking to 20,394.

Pakistan reported 3,229 deaths while  Bangladesh recorded 1,388 deaths due to the deadly virus.

Philippines witnessed a total 1,130 deaths while Afghanistan reported 548 deaths.

Nepal reported 22 deaths from Covid-19 so far with 8274 confirmed cases and recoveries as many as 1402.

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