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June 22, 2020

3108 return home along with 40 coffins

Kathmandu: As many as 3108 Nepalis stranded in foreign countries have returned home via chartered planes by Friday. 40 coffins of Nepalis who died abroad have also been brought to Nepal along with the passengers.

The government’s plan to repatriate stranded Nepalis from abroad has been expedited since June 5. The joint efforts of Non-Resident Nepalis Association and Nepali diplomats have played a crucial role in repatriation of these stranded Nepalis.

By Friday, 118 came from Malaysia, UAE 317, Kuwait 898, Japan 13, Afghanistan 18, Hongkong 7, Myanmar 26, Australia 11.

Similarly, people returning to Nepal include Bangladesh 258, Oman 313, Maldives 305, Cambodia and Singapore 146, Thailand 247, Qatar 44, Srilanka 5, Saudi Arab 153 and South Korea 228.

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