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June 25, 2020

Difficult route for main tourist destination

Navin Lamichane

Roads of Manang
Roads of Manang

Manang: It is very difficult for people of Manang (considered to be the district from beyond the hills) to reach the capital of both Nepal and Gandaki province.

The only route the people of Manang have here to go out of the district for transportation of goods is neither safe in rainy season nor in winter.

The development works are completely halted during winter due to piling up of ice and during the rainy season the recurring landslides obstruct any construction works there.

The people of this district always bear the brunt of constant fear of landslide and moving ice similar to a landslide throughout the year. They move around praying to God for their survival.

The locals are now accustomed to these prevailing circumstance related to risks. However, the domestic and international travelers who happen to reach here encounter these difficulties.

So, the local people of Manang wish for a good road to reach their villages, yet they are bound to remain hopeless. That’s why these locals continue to take their risky journeys out of the district.

The construction companies find it difficult to find the ground and mud for construction works due to thick piling up of the ice and in rainy season the landslide causes great headache for the construction contractors.

Therefore, the residents of Manang even consider themselves being treated as if they were the people of different country.


Chyame is 65 km long road that is 35 km towards Lamjung and 30 km in Manang and this is the only way out for the local people of Manang. Yet, the danger lurks around this road all the time.

Manang people are obstructed by landslides when they want to go out to shift a seriously ill persons from this place. The Covid-19 pandemic has further threatened the lives of these people these days. They are much scared of this deadly virus infection.

Since Manang also has reported Virus infection it is too difficult for these people to take swab collection to the Gandaki province laboratory for PCR tests.

Chief district officer of Manag Puspa Raj Adhikari says the local are bound to take the risky journey across this only scary road.

Risky wooden bridge

To reach the higher belt of Manag is even more difficult as road leading upward at some places have been constructed by breaking the hills and by breaking rocks at other places.

But the worse situation comes when you come across dry landslide sliding down the hills besides heavy stormy winds that make your journey difficult.

And on top of that you have to cross the rivers by using the wooden bridges built across these rivers. Several construction works related to bridges across these rivers still remains pending due to difficulties.

Difficulty for the tourists

Tourists are also facing difficulty to travel through the routes of Manang as these tourists do not feel like coming back to this place due to difficult roadways.

Hotels adversely affected due to bad roads

The hotels rendering their services to the tourists along this road also complain that their hotel business is also badly affected due to lack of good road networks in this district.

Manang: Tourist hub

Manang could be a hub for domestic as well as foreign tourists if road networks are extended in good faith. Domestic tourists are also increasing day by day as Annapurna route falls in this region.

The highest Throngla Pass which as 5416 meters high and the Tilicho lake which is 4919 meters high are famous for the foreign tourists.

The natural beauty, traditional festivities and cultural heritages are the main attractions of this regions besides other attractions.

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