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June 26, 2020

Reconstruction of sacred pond of Queen-Rani Pokhari- near completion

Kathmandu: Rani Pokhari -sacred pond of queen-and Balgopaleswor temple are the historical as well as legendary heritages of Nepal which are being reconstructed and renovated these days.

Around 32 workers are regularly working on renovation and reconstruction of these historical places. Historically, it was late King Pratap Malla during Malla regime, who had built the Rani Pokhari or “sacred pond of the queen” to appease his queen who was moaning over the death of his son Chakravtendra.

The King had ordered his men to build four temples around the Rani Pokhari and the Pokhari or pond had water filled into it by imported sacred water of various religious pilgrimage sites.

So, there is a temple of Bhairave in the north-eastern part, in the north-eastern part. There is a temple of goddess in the south-eastern part and a temple of sixteen handed Ganesh in the south-western part.

Since this historical pond with four cornered temples is located in the middle of Ratnapark-a main hub center of local buses and town people of Kathmandu Metropolitan- a visitor can easily reach this pond by local bus, car, or any other convenient vehicle available from any parts of Kathmandu.

It is at a walkable distance from Thamel which the main hub of tourists in Kathmandu.

There are several smaller hotels and restaurants around this historical pond. Foreigners usually sit on the top roof of one of these restaurants near the pond and engage themselves in taking photographs of the people thronging to this pond and temple.

They can also enjoy the beautiful sight of crowd of people moving about here and there from the flyover bridges standing near the historical pond and temple.

There are book points where you can also peep into one of these point stores for your purchase of most wanted books.

The real hustle and bustle of the town life can be relished by being here around the pond. The Newari Asan bazaar is close to this pond. You can also just walk to the New Road of the town for a stroll. From here you can also visit other historical and cultural heritages of Kathmandu which are within the reach.

This historical pond was damaged during the last earth quake of 2015 after which there was dally dallying in reconstructing it as the main responsibility to initiate the job was not clear on the parts of Kathmandu Metropolitan and Nepal’s Archeological Department.

When its reconstruction and renovation works was delayed for more than three years the government decided to assign the job of reconstructing and renovating this site to National Reconstruction Authority (NRA).

The works related to reconstruction of the Rani Pokhara began after NRA took the initiatives. Now, more than 75% of works have been completed according to NRA official Raju Man Manandhar.

The outbreak of Coronavirus in the country also delayed the construction works for sometimes. But now the work is being expedited.

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