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June 29, 2020

Paddy plantation festival being observed

Kathmandu: The whole nation is observing the government declared 17th National Paddy Day and Plantation Festival on Monday amidst gala making programs while engaging in paddy planation in the paddy fields across the country.

Specially farmers celebrate this national day with a lot of enthusiasm. The non-farmer families in the urban areas also celebrate this day as a happy occasion by eating beaten rice (Chiura), Curd and banana to mark this day.

The entire social media of Nepalis can be seen with lot of colored photographs related to celebration of this paddy plantation festival.

Nepal being an agricultural country, this national day has an indispensable significance. Few tourists have also shown interest in celebrating this festival with the local farmers.

But this time the Covid-19 fear and nationwide lock down has marred the main show of the festival. However, farmers are observing this day even by maintaining physical social distance.

The day also marks the peace, prosperity and progress for the country while collective community feeling is also invoked in the farmer community which substantially paves the way for national unity in diversity.

The picture above is testimony to the fact that how the rural farmers enjoy this day by merrymaking while planting paddy in the paddy fields on this day.

What is most magical and specular of this day celebration is that all youths, old men and women proactively take part in the happy celebration of this happy occasion.

The picture given below also testifies that how the local famers including men and women happily engage in paddy plantation in the field before they initiate dancing and merry making programs on the spot.

The significant occasion is also inaugurated formally by the high government officials at some places for which even Ministers are seen engaging in paddy plantation to bolsters this happy occasion at national level.

Nepal’s plain areas is more potential to produce the maximum quantity of paddy. Various breeds of paddy are produced in Nepal which are sometimes exported to India in the borders of Nepal.

However, despite Nepal’s dependency upon the agricultural products, sufficient paddy is not produced which forces Nepal government to export rice from India.

This happy occasion my invoke our farmers to produce more paddy to make the nation self sufficient in rice in order to make Nepal self reliant in future. This is the optimistic note that every one us can get from this national plantation festival.

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