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July 1, 2020

Beautification of Palpa’s Talpokhari

Tansen: Palpa’s tourist area with Talpokhari and its infrastructure has been beautified by plantation.
Talpokhari during lock down phase is being reconstructed by using plantation as this pond is one of the one hundred tourist destinations declared by government= for Rampur Municipality.
According to the Talpokhari conservation committee around 175 plants are planted around the pond under the coordination of Rampur municipality to beautify the pond under the division forest office program related to beautification of the surroundings.
Iron bars around the tal are being fixed under the program said the committee secretary Sunil Deukota.
Flower garden, footpath, Chautari  have been constructed with proper electrification around the pond according to committee chairman Sagar Prasad Deukota.
It is said the budget to reconstruct this pond was collected from donation from a religious recitation of Shree Bhagwat Geeta conducted in 2019 from which more than 10 million was collected including foods and donation of lands.
This pond has more than 300 years old history  and is extended in 44 ropanis of land. The pond has facility of boat to ferry the visitors to the temple too where hundreds of visitors come= for selfie, entertainment and stroll.
The visitors from Tanahun, Navalprasi and Syangza usually visit this pond and tourist area/RSS

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