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July 3, 2020

Preparation for Rato Machhindra festival begins with health safety

Kathmandu: Preparation for Rato Machhindra festival has begun with health safety measures in Kathmandu valley with the advent of rainy season amidst increasing risk of Coronavirus.

Rato Machhindra is considered to be a powerful local deity of Newar community whose wooden made chariot is pulled through various streets and lanes of Kathmandu valley in a festive mood to celebrate this festival.

The festival of Rato Machhindra or journey of Rato Machhindra was pending due to lock -down following Coronavirus scare in the country. However, the Patan area seems to be lively and vibrant after preparation for chariot of Rato Machhindra begins as lock down gets eased to some extent.

The local people are very happy to be able to go for this festival. Not only Patan, but also a trust related to Machhindra in Lalitpur has also initiated its necessary steps in preparation of this festival with health safety measures.

Laltipur guthi had already prepared the essential things in advance. So, with the support of these ready essentials the preparation of chariot for Rato Machhindra has begun according to Lalitpur guthi branch chief Rajan Bhuju.

The priests of Rato Macchindra, local institutions like Jhyapu society, Lalitpur Metropolitan and other relevant religious institutions had repeatedly appealed for starting the preparation after which the initiations were stepped up said Bhuju.

According to a legend, the saint Gorakhnath had once come to beg for alms from the residents of Kantipur. But he was denied any alms. In anger Gorakhnath sat on the head of rain making serpent Nag and there was no drought and famine for 12 years in Kantipur.

At last, the search for the solution to this problem led the late King of Bhaktapur Narendra Dev to bring the main Guru of Gorakhanath- Machhindra to Kathmandu from India. Since then the festival of Rato Machhindra is being observed.

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