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July 8, 2020

Dubai opened for tourists

Dubai: Dubai which is the most popular for buy, sale and tourists has been opened for the tourists since Tuesday amid Coronavirus pandemic.

The popular city has larger shopping malls where one can buy many types of goods including Jersey for French football team as well.

All tourist destinations and shopping malls of Dubai have been kept open for the tourists at a time when there is uncanny situation in other countries and most of them are battling against the Covid-19 pandemic as tourism is the main source of revenue for Dubai.

Dubai government has made all efforts to spread the message that Dubai is safe for travel as tourist season nears.

However, United Arab Emirate will have to crack hard nut in bringing the Coronavirus pandemic under total control for this task and venture for UAE also has Coronavirus infected persons and their treatment is underway still.

It is mandatory to check the temperature of all arrivals through thermometer and make use of masks and sanitizers.

“I think it will take some time to invoke confidence in humans” said one of the hotel owners of Dubai.

Dubai has earned fame and popularity for its tourist destinations in the last few years and efforts are being made to make this city one of the top attractive destinations in the world.

Dubai has Dubai international airport and world’s tallest building and luxury hotels too that attract the world’s attention.

In 2019 alone as many as 670 million tourists had visited Dubai where most of the tourists come from India, Saudi Arabia, UK, Oman, China, Russia and America.

Most the restaurants of Dubai and night life remains active as most of the tourists visiting this destinations stay for more than three days.

Alcohol is open in Dubai which is the main attraction of Dubai, although it is banned in Iran, Kuwait and Saudi Arabia which are its neighboring countries.

However risk also looms large as Dubai airlines -Emirates- has suspended its flights due to Coronavirus pandemic. More than 50,000 people in Dubai have been infected with Coronavirus where the total population is estimated to be nearly 90,000 only, though more than 40,000 have recovered from the deadly contagion so far and 321 have died.

Visitors intending to reach Dubai need to go through Coronavirus test at least 96 hours earlier or they will be tested on arrival and will have to remain in self-isolation until the test report comes.

The visitors also must possess the life insurance related to Covid-19 before they visit Dubai.

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