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July 15, 2020

Silent and expectant Tilicho lake

Navin Lamichhane

Manang: Tilicho lake of Manang these days looks very silent and expectant of visitors as scare of Coronavirus has prevented many of the inland and outside tourists to visit this lake situated at the world’s highest elevation site.

If it had not been for the Coronavirus pandemic the tourists would have flocked to visit this famous lake during this time. However the time has become antagonistic for this lake that it can’t attract tourists due to outbreak of Covid-19 in the country and across the world.

The spectacular beauty of lake remains unnoticed and forlorn these days when the people of Manang would have seen their business flourishing in full swing at this time.

The tour operators are silent and sullen now as they have nothing in their hands to do anything about this lake and visitors. The world famous lake and tour operators are only expectant of a suitable time and season to flourish.

The lake which is elevated at 911 meters above sea level is the most coveted destination for the tourists and most profitable site for the tour operators. The lake stems from the Tilicho peak and Nilgiri glaciers and provides a panoramic view of the Himal where more than 30,000 tourists visit every year in the peak season.

According to one of the tour operators Binod Gurung this Tilicho lake is famous for film shooting and many music album shooting site in Nepal.

Any visitor intending to visit Manang can not avoid visiting this Tilicho lake. However, it is not so possible to visit this lake during winter season as it is very cold here there would be fear of hailstone storm and glaciers.

The best time to visit this lake would be during Dasain and Tihar festival when the time is very suitable.

To reach this lake you need to follow the trails through Annapurna trials from Besisahar of Lanjung on foot but vehicles are also available for this trip.

The lake is also associated with religious belief just as most of the lakes of Nepal do harbor this kind of belief. So, Tilicho lake is also called “Kagbhasundi lake”.

A legend has it that once in Treta era the saint Kagbhasundi meditated on the bank of this lake and had recited all the lessons of Ramayana. A crow had heard the recitation of Ramayan word by word after which the crow cried in tears and the lake was filled with the tears of the crow.

The Hindu God Shiva and Goddess Parvati are also believed to have descended at this lake from Kailash mountain and dipped into this lake to purify themselves. That’s why the water of this lake is considered to be pure and sacred for the believers of this faith and sect.

For this reason, many Indians come to visit this lake to dip into this lake for religious purpose. The statue of Lord Buddha and Shiva are also placed here.

The only thing one should take into account is that if you suffer from altitude sickness then this trip is not suitable for you as you might go through physical problems like headache, nausea and giddiness while on the trip to this destination.

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