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July 17, 2020

Rani Pokhari being reinstated

Kathmandu: The historical Rani Pokhari (pond) which was damaged during the earth quake of 2015 is being reconstructed and its pond is about to be filled with water.

The National Reconstruction Authority that took the assignment to complete the reconstruction of this historical pond named after the queen of Late Malla king Pratap Malla is preparing to fill in the pond with sacred water brought from various sacred places.

Around 32 workers are regularly working on renovation and reconstruction of these historical places. Historically, it was late King Pratap Malla during Malla regime, who had built the Rani Pokhari or “sacred pond of the queen” to appease his queen who was moaning over the death of his son Chakravtendra.

Since this historical pond with four cornered temples is located in the middle of Ratnapark-a main hub center of local buses and town people of Kathmandu Metropolitan- a visitor can easily reach this pond by local bus, car, or any other convenient vehicle available from any parts of Kathmandu.

When its reconstruction and renovation works was delayed for more than three years the government decided to assign the job of reconstructing and renovating this site to National Reconstruction Authority (NRA).

This was initially filled with sacred water brought from 108 pilgrimage sites. The King had ordered his men to build four temples around the Rani Pokhari.

So, there is a temple of Bhairave in the north-eastern part, in the north-eastern part. There is a temple of goddess in the south-eastern part and a temple of sixteen handed Ganesh in the south-western part.

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