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July 25, 2020

Monsoon floods utilized for offseason kayaking

Birat Anupam

Dharan: Monsoon-induced floods render huge losses to life and properties in Nepal every year. However, for some tourism professionals of Dharan, it has become an opportunity. Ram Rai, a licensed paragliding pilot and Setu Silwal, a licensed river guide, have joined forces to give birth to the new adventure tourism activities in Dharan.

On July 21, they pioneered the first ever kayaking at Sardu rivulet of Dharan. River guide Setu Silwal kayaked from Jholunge Pul, a spot close to BP Park to Dharan-Bishnupaduka Bridge area. The four-kilometer-long kayaking was an initiation for the monsoon-induced floods in Dharan, informed Setu Silwal who has been commercially active in river rafting at Tamur, Arun and Sunkoshi of State-1.

”Monsoon season is the off season for the mainstream rafting activities in bigger rivers like Arun, Tamur, Sunkoshi and Saptakoshi in our state”, said Silwal who owns and operates a commercial rafting company based in Dharan. He added, ”But, we can use this time to try it in other rivulets where water level surges during raining months.” Silwal said the July 12 exploration has proven successful. Ram Rai, a member of Extreme Dharan, a group of adventure tourism professionals in this touristic town of the State-1, seconded Silwal. ”Dharan has two rivulets, Sardu and Seuti.

And, these rivulets have great potentiality for rafting and kayaking during flooding time. Our field experimental kayaking has been a success”, opined Rai. He said this adventure package, once commercialized, would be a good hangout for locals of Dharan with the population of around 200,000.

He said technicians of Extreme Dharan would further study on the commercialization aspect and start serving people in upcoming season. ”Dharan denizens are good adventurers”, said Rai, ”Flood rafting and kayaking can be an adventurous local alternative for them.”(RSS)

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